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Grafting Vs The Family Life

Grafting Vs The Family Life

From our newsletter of 2015.  Shayne has since married and had two kids, so I suspect his time is now split in a slightly different way:

Wanting more Sangiovese, last year we grafted another 1100 vines over.  Shayne Hackett, our resident (actually he lives in beautiful Eden on the far south coast) grafting expert, is back again now to fill the gaps of those that didn’t take last year or weren’t in a fit state to take a graft for one reason or another.  Shayne grew up among vines in the King Valley, Victoria, where his parents managed a vineyard.  Ex-DPI, and at one stage our regional viticulturalist, Shayne now splits his time between grafting, pruning, gardening, cycling and sailing.  Someone’s got to do it! 


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