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Brand Evolution

Brand Evolution

From our 2012 Newsletter The Tin Shed.  We'd now add "lean", "savoury" and "varietal" to our house style.  The new label has stood the test of time, too:

Things take time in the country.  It takes time to master your craft, know what’s special about your piece of land and where it fits in the local environment. It takes time to know your vines and your vineyard, and how they react to each unique season.  It takes time to listen, learn from others, read and taste extensively and it takes time to develop your own philosophy.

After 15 years, we think we have identified the unique Yarrh style.  A move towards sustainable and organic farming practices combined with winemaking technique refinements including the use of natural fermentation has been fundamental to the Yarrh evolution – the wines are now edgy and elegantly structured.

To match this evolution of style, we re-engaged the original designer of our label, George Macintosh of Some Cowboy. George’s task - refresh the look of Yarrh wines, evolving the brand to reflect the handcrafted, natural, premium products in the Yarrh range.   We think he’s done a great job and we really feel our new brand and label look are worthy replacements.

Each of this Spring 2012 club wine packs contains some wines with the new label.  What do you think?  So far reaction from customer and the broader market has been very positive.



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