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Yarrh Red Wines

“Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may wet my mind and say something clever. “
Aristophanes, Greek comic poet (c. 450-385 BCE)

All wine was red wine, and by Aristophanes’ time wine was well cemented as the civilised drink of the aristocracy.  How lucky we are to be living in a time and place where red wines of the greatest quality are available to nearly all of us.

We strive for balance and harmony both in the vineyard (the foundation) and the wines (the ultimate expression), so I try to spend as much time in the vineyard as I do in the winery.   Yarrh is a peaceful and beautiful place, providing inspiration in this quest for balance and harmony.

Canberra District is the home of cool climate shiraz, and our shirazes are very typical of Murrumbateman.  It’s the backbone of our vineyard and a delight to grow.

Our Cabernet block is a year older, and therefore wiser.  Not currently fashionable, Cabernet Sauvignon epitomises the house style of Yarrh – lean, restrained, savoury and true to variety and place.

We had to have some Pinot, and, after we learned to treat it gently in the vineyard and in the winery, the results are remarkable and growing in stature.

Finally, our specialty is the great wine of Tuscany - Sangiovese.  Our continental climate is closely aligned to the hills of Tuscany, and the resulting wines are a joy.  Bring me that beaker!

Fiona Wholohan, Winemaker