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Olive Oil From Yarrh?

Here’s an except from our 2015 Newsletter The Tin Shed.  Next year our 5 years are up!

Last year we planted some olive trees.  Something we’ve wanted to get up and running for a while.  Just a small grove of 40 trees, made up of four varieties, many of which are currently rather obscure in Australia but are part of a second (or third?) wave of varieties matched to our climatic conditions, and selected for their quality.  They are all predominately for oil production, except for the Hojiblanka, which is mainly a table olive.

Frantoio (frahn-toy-yo):  from Tuscany, highly regarded worldwide and highly productive, balanced fruitness.

Leccino (lay-chee-no): also from Tuscany, high quality oil, often cross pollinated and blended with Frantoio

Hojiblanca (oh-hee-blon-ka): from Spain, low yield but high quality

Picual (pik-wal): also from Spain, high acid, very stable oil, very widely planted in Spain.

Another five years or so and we may have some oils to offer you! 




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