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2015 Was a Very Good Year

From our Newsletter The Tin Shed of 2015.  It was, indeed, a very good year: 

This does look like being the best vintage for some time.  All the hard work in the vineyard and rain at the right time set the vines up to do their best and they delivered.  The quality was outstanding with the added bonus of higher than expected yields for most varieties.  This caused some juggling in the winery – working out where to put the extra fruit and has spawned a project to review the number of tanks and their configuration. 

The Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc are both looking great in the bottle and, even though the cooler weather has set in, are already selling well at Cellar Door. The Riesling is a little lower in alcohol this year as the flavours came through a little faster than the rising sugar. I think this is a bonus with whites, as the alcohol can dominate the finer flavours. The Riesling is rather full flavoured as a result of a little bit more skin contact making it more versatile for food matching.  Don’t just think seafood, but white meats like chicken and pork.  The healthy canopy on the Sauvignon Blanc provided ideal shade for the fruit to maintain their delicate grassy flavours. A little residual sugar enhances these fine flavours. 

The fruit quality was so good the red grapes were worked a little harder in the winery to get more extract from the skins. This will give more character and depth to the wine. Usually the ferments are only pumped over and/or hand plunged.  This year during the peak of fermentation I removed all of the fermenting juice, allowed the grapes to press down on themselves extracting more flavour and colour, then returned the juice.  The Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon are looking particularly well balanced at this early stage while the Pinot Noir and Sangiovese are a little awkward but a little patience and time in oak will help them to blossom. There is going to be a great selection of wines to choose from the 2015 vintage!



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